The Floor’s Ocean

In her new performance The Floor‘s Ocean Julia Cremers dives into the Dutch technology-zealous identity of warriors against the rising water level, by taking a closer look at the province of Flevoland; an area of 1400 square kilometers that has been reclaimed from the Zuiderzee in 1986, after an intensive process of drainage and dike building.

On this former sea bottom, which still lies well below sea level, greenhouses now host tropical orchids, companies create green solutions to sustain production processes on an industrial scale, while microplastics in recreational areas are testimonies to the growing issue of environmental pollution.

Flevoland has a history of rapid change; from neighbouring fisher villages that needed to find new identities and incomes after “their” coastal water had been reclaimed, to the rapid overturn of commercially planted trees in the many areas of fertile clay. With playfulness, Julia Cremers proposes one more change in Flevoland’s landscape.