Ruin Figments and Reconstructed Memories


3D printed sculpture and video essay

Ruin Figments and Reconstructed Memories consist of a 3D printed sculpture and video essay. The work is Centred around a ruin folly (a “fake” ruin) built in Vienna’s Schoenbrunn Palace Park in the year 1778, depicting the remains after the Roman siege of Carthage in 146 BC.

Through photogrammetric methods, the ruin folly’s virtual counterpart is extracted, distorted and rematerialised. The resulting 3D printed sculpture calls attention to the implicit alterations at each reproduction stage, hereby questioning the cultural impact of imperial collapse and its appropriation by new power structures.

The video essay is another uncovering of this layered entity, exposing the material resources and human efforts that are required for the construction of virtual spaces.

Both works are created in collaboration with Lena Kocutar and Daniel Viladrich Herrmannsdoerfer, under PARALLAX Lab 2020/2021. Exhibited at after the butcher gallery from 19 March until 25 April 2021, during the group exhibition Learning to dwell otherwise within the ruins (Berlin).

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Above: Above: 3D printed sculpture, and stills video essay, exhibited at ‘after the butcher’.