Our Nature, Gorzów

ANIMA MUNDI is a project that is based on cooperation and exchange of experiences in the field of sound art, addressing issues of ecology and sustainability. The specificity of sound-based art lies in its strong connection to the environment. As sound artists often perform recordings and field activities in nature, urban environments or in relationship to architecture, their practice is strongly relational. These themes are reflected by Anima Mundi’s focus on the relationship between humans and their surroundings – both human interaction, the shaping of shared space and care for nature. Sound sensitivity becomes the starting point for a deeper understanding of our coexistence

Anima Mundi aims at establishing a network of sound artists, that facilitates artistic exchange on the most existential questions of our time: How can we meet and understand the climate crisis? How to deal with the environmental transformations? How can artists, cultural spaces and a society in general practice and support sustainability? What can we learn from each other regarding possible solutions?

The Anima Mundi event series will accommodate sound performances, sound installations, experimental approaches to music and sonic experiences, workshops, lectures and audio releases.