Two Minutes of Silence

2016 Two Minutes of Silence (2:00 minutes) The yearly silence at the 5th of may in the Netherlands has an interesting history. Still, there is controversy about what or whom should be commemorated. A similar controversy can be observed at the former ground of Camp Plaszov.


2016 ‘Sunday’ (4:48 minutes) shows concentration camp Auschwitz-Birkenau as it is now, recorded during an “all-inclusive trip” that included a plane ticket, a three star hotel and guided tours in the museum.


2014 Calendar (5:09 min). What began as a research into the manmade concepts of ‘date’ and ‘time’, resulted in a video about a seemingly normal day in the life of an elderly couple on planet Earth.

National Sniper Competition

2013 National Sniper Competition (4:02 min) shows Dutch sniper teams compete for the winning title by means of a game. The video is made during the foundation year at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy. The sound in the second half of the video, is the restored original sound that has been recorded at the location.