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Julia’s intermedia practice researches the meeting point between sensuous logic and virtuality. Interested in the constructed understanding of the world around us and our cultural identities, Julia’s work observes specific ways life is able to act within (re)constructed environments. Cultural heritage sites, places of touristic interest and memorials are addressed as a kind of scenography; for the imagination as well as for Julia’s performative experiments and audiovisual installations.

Julia Cremers (the Netherlands, 1993) has studied Audio-Visual Art at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in the Netherlands, completed a Master of Fine Art in Norway and currently lives in Berlin, Germany.

Julia is a member of the sound art collective Errant Sound and co-organises PARALLAX Lab.



2018 | Post Study Program, University of Bergen, Norway: Culture and Norms in the Information Society (15 ETCS); Media, Technology and Society (15 ETCS).
2016 – 2018 | Master of Fine Arts, University of Bergen; Faculty of Fine Art, Music and Design, Norway. Studied under Brandon LaBelle.
2011 – 2016 | Bachelor of Audiovisual Arts, Gerrit Rietveld Academy, the Netherlands.
2010 | Propaedeutic year at Design Academy Eindhoven, the Netherlands.


2021 | Floating University, ‘Soft Encounters’ Parallax Lab, Berlin, DE.
___ ____After The Butcher, ‘Ruins’ and ‘Ruin Figments and Reconstructed Memories’, Berlin, DE.
___ ____Video screening at Lift-Off Film Festival ‘I’d Make You a Space’, Berlin, DE.
___ ____Berlin School of Sound Radio, Radiobroadcast, DE.
2020 | Sound performance, Performance Garten, Alten Feuerwache Köln, Cologne, DE.
___ ____Errant Sound, AARC#2 – HisTV, Berlin, DE.
___ ____Sound performance at The Akousmatic Bush: season finale festival, Berlin, DE.
__ _____Sound performance at OutsideininsideoutinsideoutoutsideiN, ‘Elements’, Stadt Wehlen, DE.
__ _____Sound performance at The Akousmatik Bush, Berlin, DE.
2019 | Solo exhibition at KDK OFF SPACE, Deichtorhallen Hamburg, ‘RUINS’, Hamburg, DE.
___ ____Solo exhibition at KODE 4 Restaurant Lysverket, ‘Ruins’, Bergen, NO.
____ ___Solo exhibition at Kulturcafe Max, ‘Triangles’, Vienna, AT.
2018 | Kunsthall, Friday the 13th, ‘To Interfere’, Bergen, NO.
_____ __Rom8, ‘In Real Life’, Bergen, NO.
2017 | Vaskerelven, Vooks Are Stupid, ‘Hitchhiking’, Bergen, NO.
__ _____Rom8, ‘Finding Collaboration’, Bergen, NO.
__ _____Welhavensgate82, ‘Our Nature’, Bergen, NO.
__ _____Rom8, The Guest, ‘Two Minutes of Silence’, Bergen NO.
__ _____Schussel Space, Wide, ‘Our Nature’, Vienna, AT.
2016 | Welhavensgate82, Outside In, ‘Home’ and ‘Maps’, Bergen, NO.
__ _____Gallery Bart, Young Blood Initiative, ‘Clouds & Dust’, Amsterdam, NL.
__ _____Gerrit Rietveld Academy Graduation Show, ‘Sunday’, Amsterdam, NL.
__ _____Eye Film Museum, VAV- moving image 2016, ‘Sunday’, Amsterdam, NL.
2015 | Art & Concepts, VanNelle Fabriek, ‘Portrait Fleur’, Rotterdam, NL.
__ _____Radion, ‘Still Life’, Amsterdam, NL.
2014 | Theater Tafels, ZID Theatre Amsterdam, ‘Theater Tafels’, Amsterdam, NL.
__ _____Puur, Dutch Design Week Eindhoven, ‘Backstage’, Eindhoven, NL.
2013 | Unseen Behind the Facade, Beurs van Berlage, ‘Spelletje’, Amsterdam, NL.
__ _____Project Space, ‘Please Do Touch’, Amsterdam, NL.
__ _____VPRO Radio Broadcast, ‘De Conciërge’, NL.


2020 | Torhaus Wehlen, Stadt Wehlen, DE.
___ ____Commontimeresidency, web based residency.
2018 | Tare-Steigen AIR, Leinesfjord, Steigen, NO.
2017 | MoKS Artist Residency, Mooste, EE (short stay).
___ ____SERDE Residency, Aizpute, LV (short stay).
___ ____Rucka Artist Residency, Cesis, LV (sort stay).
__ _____Nida Art Colony Residency, Nida, LT (short stay).
__ _____Laznia Centre of Contemporary Art, Gdansk, PL (short stay).
2014 | Socratic Art Lab, Llança, SP.


2021 | Artist talk with Julia Cremers and Lena Kocutar, Museum Perron Oost, Amsterdam, NL.
__ _____Interview with Julia Cremers, Lena Kocutar, Daniel Viladrich Herrmannsdoerfer, KNH
__ _____Shorts #3 by Anna Dopler, Shizzle/Kulturcafé max, AT.
__ _____Video screening ‘I’d Make You a Space’ Berlin Lift-Off Film Festival, DE.
2020 | Presentation Commontime Residency, Instagram live.
2017 | Presentation ‘Sharing The Art World’, Nida Art Colony Residency, Nida, LT.
2016 | Publication ‘Sunday’, Vers Magazine, Vers Film and TV, NL.


2018 – 2019 | Diversestipend for nyutdannede kunstnere, Kulturrådet, NO.
2017 | Student’s Project Fund; travel support, University of Bergen, Department of Fine Art, NO.
2016 | Student’s Project Fund; travel support, University of Bergen, Department of Fine Art, NO.


2021 | Guest Lecturer, Photogrammetric 3D Scanning, Hochschule für Grafik
__ _____und Buchkunst Leipzig, DE.
__ _____Artist assistant of Thom Kubli, Berlin, DE.
2020 | Artist assistant of Thomas Kilpper, Berlin, DE.