2020 Performed live at Torhaus Gallery, Stadt Wehlen (Germany), this set has been composed as part of the OutsideininsideoutinsideoutoutsideiN residency. Elements is a composition consisting of samples of fire, stone, water and air.

Akousmatik Bush

2020 Live sound performance. Interested in notions of interference and disruption, this composition takes field recordings of bee noises as the base of a digitally distorted and transformed sound work that has been performed at the 5th Akousmatik Bush event in Berlin. About the event The Akousmatik Bush is a biweekly experimental sound event series…

Fortress of Tustan

2020 Tu Stan (video, 2:11 min). The Fortress of Tustan was a large wooden defence fortification, built between 900 and 1600 Ad, in and around a group of rocks in present day Ukraine. Due to weather conditions and the passage of time, the Fortress has disappeared completely.


2019 Ruins is a series of six prints that show digitally manipulated war and defence architecture, located in the surrounding area of Bergen, Norway. Once places of military power, currently these specific locations are still involved in certain ‘states of exception’. Sandviksbatteriet115 x 77.9 cmPrint in digital halftones on German Etching paper. Herdla’s Door115 x…