2014 Calendar (5:09 min) is one of Julia’s earliest video works. What began as a research into the manmade concepts of ‘date’ and ‘time’, resulted in a subtle video about a special day in the life of an elderly couple on planet Earth.

National Sniper Competition

2013 National Sniper Competition (4:02 min) shows Dutch sniper teams compete for the winning title by means of a game. The video is made during the foundation year at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy; the artist’s first time to work with this medium. All The sound that appears in the second half of the video, is…

Still Life

2015 Still Life, a one-shot video that is recorded in a film studio and inspired by Dutch vanitas paintings. Unnoticeable to the human eye, a light source moves slowly over the scene.


2014 Fun Fair (3:50 min) shows a funfair without visitors. The sound of the video is a total reconstruction.